The following testimonials have been provided by participants of the Flying Feet Running Programs: 

Bill Huff - Dave Griffin doesn’t just teach the sport, he tirelessly continues to learn more about the sport and will tweak his programs and studies what works and what doesn’t before solidifying the program workouts for the following session.  He doesn’t coach a group, he coaches 90 individuals based on what each one needs and will fashion your program around your goals.

Carol Remy - I was very intimidated to run with a group figuring they would all be young fast runners.  I was surprised to find out the diversity of runners participating in the group and the welcoming feeling.  You get out of the program what you put in to it.  Flying Feet / Dave give you the tools and guidance to help you improve not only your running but your life.  And the friendships you make along the way are an added bonus.  

Kathi Kovel- To me, Flying Feet is about more than just running. It is about  friendship, camaraderie, inspiration, motivation, personal accomplishment  and, for those that want it, competition.  Dave Griffin’s coaching philosophy seems to embody all of these characteristics as well as how to apply the disciplines of running to our everyday lives.  It isn’t the end result that really matters, it’s the journey we experience getting there. Joining this group was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made for both the physical and psychological health benefits. “I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday” – Author Unknown

Steve Kerzel - Flying Feet has helped me run farther than I ever thought possible.  The structured program keeps you on track and before you know it, you’re running long distances.  The long runs are really enjoyable and I look forward to those the most.  Various routes are planned on scenic routes in Westminster.  Another great aspect of Flying Feet is coach Dave.  He helps you understand what to expect and encourages you along the way.  It is a super feeling when you are running a race and Dave is out on the course and gives you a boost of encouragement or advice.  When I hear him yelling my name, it gives me an extra surge of energy.  Being around other runners who are each training just as hard as you is also really satisfying.  In addition to the coach, the group encourages each other also.  I will never forget when I was the only group member running a race and the whole group waited for me at the end to cheer and take care of me when I was finished.  Being around these people is just as great as the actual running itself.

Danielle Marsalek - The first time I began with Flying Feet, I was only able to enjoy it for a month before I found out I was expecting my second child and needed to put a pause on running per my Doctor. It left such an impression on me that I made it a goal to rejoin once I got the clear from my doctor after the birth of my child. Less than 6 months later, I was able to run the Baltimore Half Marathon and exceed my goal time. A year after having my child, I was able to run the Frederick Half Marathon and PR by better than 12 minutes. Flying Feet gives you the tools, support and coaching to reach your running goals. As a full time working mom with two young children, it has allowed me to meet and exceed my goals. I would not be where I am today without the guidance and coaching of Dave and the Flying Feet Program. One can see that coaching the Flying Feet runners is a passion for Dave and he is personally invested in each one of us. No matter how fast the runner, how great the objective, each runner receives the focus and attention deserved to make their goals come to reality.