Flying Feet Running

Program Summary – Flying Feet, coordinated by coach Dave Griffin, is a running program for runners of all ages and experiences.  Griffin has over 40 years of running experience and over 15 years of experience coaching runners.  Flying Feet has two primary areas of focus:

  • Bring the training principles used by elite runners to the local running community.  Though some modification is needed for most runners, the principles of running success are universal, and non-elite runners can gain significant benefits by using them.
  • Teach how the disciplines of running can help a person live life more fully.

Training Plans – Training plans will be provided for runners training for 5K, 10K, 10-Mile, Half Marathon and Marathon race distances.  These plans are designed to offer flexibility, so that they can be used by the diverse group of runners that participate in Flying Feet.  Ideal target races for this program will be in April or May.

Coached Workouts – Weekly coached workouts will be offered.  In addition to the workout itself, instruction will be provided to help runners learn the fundamental concepts of training.  These weekly sessions will alternate between Tuesday evenings at 6:30 and Saturday morning at 7:00 in Westminster, MD.  The first coached workout will be on Saturday, January 12th.  A complete schedule of coached workouts will be provided.  Participants who want to run with group members for other weekly runs will be encouraged to do so.

Flying Feet 5K – The season will include a club only 5K race at no additional cost.  The 5K race will be held on Saturday, April 6.

Registration Fees – The fee for this program is $130.

Registration Deadline and Participation Limits – There is a 75-runner participation limit.  Registrations for this session will not be accepted after Saturday, February 9.

Flying Feet Performance – For performance-focused runners, Feet Performance Program is available to a limited number of individuals.  This is an individualized program and includes small group coached workouts.  If interested, please email Dave Griffin at to determine if space is available.