In the Distance

Runners feel a connection to one another, a bond formed with mutual respect.

And yet, running is deeply personal, reminding us of our earliest days, when we could find simple joy in fresh air, and excitement in the rhythm of our movement.

But running isn’t just child’s play. It can be a weapon against our deepest fears, giving us a means to fight our apprehension and doubt. We battle negative voices, and we overcome them.

In the process, we learn a lot about ourselves, realizing we’re capable of more than we thought we were.

IN THE DISTANCE is a book about running, but it’s also a book about living.

If you run, you’ll find yourself in the stories. You’ll associate with the fear and the struggle, and you’ll acknowledge the important lessons that are learned while running and racing.

But this book isn’t just for runners. Every reader will become immersed in the heartwarming stories. You’ll feel a connection to the child, the competitor, the fighter, the learner, the seeker, the father, and the philosopher, all of whom appear within the same person, traversing through life one mile at a time.

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